The PopMedNet™ software application enables simple creation, operation, and governance of distributed health data networks. It facilitates distributed analyses of electronic health data to support medical product safety, comparative effectiveness, quality, medical resource use, cost-effectiveness, and related studies. The software:

  • Allows users to send questions to the data
  • Provides secure, customized, private portals, and file transfer capabilities that allow users to query data held by disparate partners
  • Allows participating network data partners to maintain physical and operational control over their data
  • Supports both menu-driven analyses and distribution of complex analytic programs
  • Accommodates any network size, from single datasets held by a single study to multi-year projects encompassing dozens of organizations and multiple projects
  • Accommodates any data model
  • Is open source and available through a no cost license

For additional support and documentation visit the PopMedNet Community Wiki.