System Architecture

The PopMedNet™ system is comprised of two separate applications, the Portal and the DataMart Client. The Portal (there is one Portal per Network) is the starting point for all information requests and controls all system communications, security, and governance policies. Data partners receive queries, process them, and securely return them to the Portal via their local DataMart Client. There is exactly one Portal in the network and many DataMarts. All query requests and communications within the network are securely routed from the Portal to the DataMarts and then back to the Portal. 

Some of the key points of the architecture are:

  • Questions travel to the data, data is not pooled or in any way released from data partner’s control
  • Small IT footprint within data partners
  • “Pull” model that does not require secure VPNs or open ports
  • No external access to patient-level data
  • Design allows automation of any step via role based access control