Role Based Access

Role-based access control is a common approach for managing a complex system with multiple users, each of whom may have different needs for access and control within the system.

PopMedNetā„¢ currently has 5 preset roles (System Administrator, Group Administrator, DataMart Administrator, Investigator and Enhanced Investigator) and additional roles may be defined and developed based on network protocols.

  • System Administrators can add new data partners, create groups, organizations, and roles, add/delete users, and view all queries submitted.
  • Group Administrators are able to review, aggregate, and release results for a network group. A group of data partners can designate a person as the group administrator, and select rules that require the group administrator to review group results before the results are released to the requester. They can release aggregated results or site-specific data.
  • DataMart Administrators manage the local DataMart(s) for each data partner. This role sets DataMart preferences on the Portal and DataMart Client (e.g., what data can be queried and by whom). There can be one or more DataMart Administrators per data partner. DataMart Administrators cannot send queries to other DataMarts.
  • Investigators submit queries to DataMarts that have given them permission and view only aggregated query results.
  • Enhanced Investigators submit queries to DataMarts that have given them permission and have the additional right to view site-specific results across the organizations.

New roles can be defined within the system to implement your network, data provider institution, project, and user protocols.

For more information on common network administration configurations please HPHCI Network Administration Practices