System Architecture

PMN is composed of three primary applications: 

  • Website Portal – used by administrators to manage the network and by investigators to issue requests against the network. It uses a MVVM design pattern and communicates with a web service to fulfill user requests.
  • Web Service API – is used to implement all application logic that processes requests against the network. The API is also used for integrations with PMN-allied services and applications.
  • DataMart Client Application (DMC) – used by analysts (i.e. DataMart administrators) at the each participating organization of the network to respond to queries executed locally against their data sources. The application is a Windows desktop application that uses Windows forms for a UI and an adapter/driver design used to support data-source specific analysis.

PMN is a .NET application however it utilizes a combination of technologies.

Some of the key points of the architecture are:

  • Questions travel to the data, data are not pooled or in any way released from data partner’s control
  • Small IT footprint within data partners
  • “Pull” model that does not require secure VPNs or open ports
  • No external access to patient-level data
  • Design allows automation of any step via role based access control