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Contact us at any time through the PopMedNet Service Desk, or by calling DPM

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The PopMedNet Software is maintained by the Center for Distributed Analytics and Informatics Systems (CDAIS) at the Department of Population Medicine within the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Institute, and our software development partners

Visit the Department of Population Medicine to learn more.

How can we help?

Contact us via the PopMedNet Service Desk for all questions about the PopMedNet software including:

  • Requesting a demo
  • Technical questions
  • Help submitting or executing requests
  • Assistance accessing your account or resetting your password
  • Assistance gaining access to a network for the first time
  • Information on becoming a new PopMedNet data partner
  • Information on using PopMedNet for a research project

Please also visit the PopMedNet public wiki for more information.