Frequently Asked Questions

What does PopMedNet cost?

PopMedNet is a free open source platform. The software can be downloaded at no cost. Interested parties should recognize that PopMedNet is a sophisticated application that requires hosting and technical support, much as any enterprise application would. Because PopMedNet is designed as a privacy-preserving distributed application, it comes with a granular role-based access and governance capability that must be configured according to local requirements.

Can anyone use PopMedNet?

​​​​​​Anyone can access the source code to play with the code or even set up a distributed network. However, most projects are supported by the operating center at the Department of Population Medicine. To learn about existing research projects or network that utilizes PopMedNet, contact the Department of Population Medicine.

What software is required to run PopMedNet?

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above and a database containing the data necessary for responding to queries (Postgres, Sql Server or Oracle or Access for Summary Tables). If your DataMart will be connected to a Microsoft Access database, the 64 bit Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010+ may be required. 

What data does PopMedNet allow me to query?

PopMedNet is data model independent. SAS programs and even SQL queries can be sent via the web-based query portal. However, most PopMedNet network partners conform to common data models to enable distributed querying of data across many sites.