Standard Functionality

What does PopMedNet do?

PopMedNet™ is an open-source application used to facilitate multi-site health data networks. It uses a distributed network design that enables data holders to retain full control of their data. Investigators send questions to data holders for review and response. PopMedNet eliminates the need for assembling patient records in a centralized repository, thus preserving patient privacy and confidentiality.

PopMedNet is made up of three primary components:

  • PopMedNet Query Tool: The web based application from which queries are distributed
  • DataMart Client: A small locally installed application from which queries are executed and responses are sent back to the query portal.
  • Web Service API – API used to implement all application logic that processes requests against a network. The API is also used for integrations with PMN-allied services and applications.

How does PopMedNet work?

  1. Request: Investigators distribute data requests constructed in the point and click web interface
  2. Review: Data Partners receive and review requests in their DataMart Client
  3. Respond: Data partners execute the requests against their local data and upload results 
  4. Download: Investigators access results in the query tool



Query Process Diagram

PopMedNet Technology Stack

Website Portal:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating System

  • .NET 4.6.1

  • ASP.Net MVC 5.2

  • Durandal

  • Knockout

  • KendoUI

  • Bootstrap

  • HTML 5 / CSS3

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Service API:

  • .NET 4.6.1 with ASP.Net Web API 2.2 & JQuery

  • Microsoft SQL Server with LINQ

  • TLS 1.2

DataMart Client Application:

  • .NET 4.6.1

  • Windows Forms

  • LINQ and SQL in various dialects

  • Microsoft SQL Server 

  • Oracle 12 DBMS

  • PostgreSQL DBMS

Continuous Build Environment:

  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)

  • Subversion Source Control

  • GitHub

Quality Assurance Tools:

  • Atlassian’s JIRA Software

  • Atlassian’s Confluence Software

  • Selenium