Since 2008, PopMedNet has grown from an idea on a cocktail napkin to an enterprise scale informatics system that is part of the regulatory framework of the U.S. government.

New data partners are regularly added to PopMedNet networks. The PCORnet network, launched in 2014, has grown from a single data partner at launch to 109 in 2017.

Each network utilizes a common data model, refined standard operating procedures, and strict data quality processes that allow a new partner to be brought on-board quickly.

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FISMA-compliant distributed infrastructure, flexible role-based access, annual third-party security audits, and regular penetration testing

Widely Adopted

Over 100 participating institutions, including the largest nationwide insurers, provide health data on over 223 million Americans

Proven Success

Over 150 studies, peer-reviewed publications, or ongoing projects have utilized PopMedNet